Boko Haram Hearing and FTO Designation

JUBILEE CAMPAIGN LAUDS U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE’S DESIGNATION OF BOKO HARAM AS A FOREIGN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION WASHINGTON, DC (November 13, 2013) – Several human rights, religious liberty and civil society groups today welcomed the designation of Boko Haram–whose religious persecution of Christians has reached a catastrophic level–as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” by the U.S. […] Read more »

PRESS RELEASE: Terrorism in Nigeria

On March 6, 2017 Jubilee Campaign held a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland at the 34th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council titled Terrorism in Nigeria: Boko Haram succeeded by rising Fulani militancy. Panelists of the press conference included Mr. Mark Lipdo, founder of […] Read more »