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  1. I have sued the Nigerian Federal Government for their part in the ethnic cleansing and genocide perpetrated in the predominantly Christian farming communities in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria. I make the case for implicit complacency, complicity, wilful dereliction and/or abdication of the constitutionally sworn duty of care–security and welfare, of the Middle Belters, thereby providing the emboldening and enabling environment for the fluid and successful campaign of the quest for conquest of the Middle Belt region of Nigeria, under the guise of open grazing and/or climate change. Nigerian borders, manned by a security network of the same ethno-religious group with the killer herdsmen, are left open wide for the free accessing in contravention of the ECOWAS Protocol of free movement of goods and services. Though Nigeria has the Terrorism Prevention Act, 2011, non of these perpetrators has ever been arrested for successful prosecution and conviction, as far as we know. At best, the government operates a system of catch and release, in spite of the large scale of death and destruction caused by them. The country’s security sector is manned by them. all governmental policies favour the killer Fulani herdsmen as farmers are left to suck their painful wounds. They send out false narratives to keep the international community largely uninformed of the atrocities committed with impunity and never-before-seen sophisticated weapons by their kinsmen. All foreign aids and assistance are directed to only the Muslim North east to rehabilitate and fight the Boko Haram insurgency when the killer herdsmen killings in the Middle Belt far exceeds the Northeast’s homegrown insurgency. I need all the help I can get to successfully prosecute this case. Thank you

  2. I come from Plateau State Nigeria. I have friends here in the US. We are all concerned about killings going on in Nigeria. I read an article which was published by the Christian Post about the same subject last year. We are interested in your work. Particularly we want to know if you are working with Christians in this country who are close to the present administration in Washington. Getting the US government involved can yield tremendous results. I would like to get updates about your work around the world and particularly Nigeria. Thank you.

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