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The Boko Haram terrorists relentlessly continue their targeting of the minority Christian community within the Northern states of Nigeria. Their activities have created many martyrs, and left many widows and orphans behind. In 2012, more Christians were killed in northern Nigeria than the rest of the world combined. Sadly, September of this year was the bloodiest month in 3 years with over 150 Christians killed in one highway massacre alone while our team was in northern Nigeria. About 500 people were killed in September.

Jubilee Campaign and partners tireless effort to draw attention to this genocide is starting to bear fruit. We are honored to present the following events:

Wednesday, November 13th 


The House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa will hold a hearing on Boko Haram. Jubilee Campaign’s Nigerian expert and special counsel for Justice for Jos, Emmanuel Ogebe will testify. Jubilee Campaign has worked with our friends at Voice of the Martyrs to bring Adamu Habila, the sole survivor of a Boko Haram neighborhood massacre who was targeted solely because of his Christian faith, to testify. Click here for the entire list of panelists. If you are unable to attend there will be a live stream on the Committee website.

Thursday, November 14th
12:00- 1:30PM
Our friends at the Hudson Institute will hold a luncheon “Witness of Boko Haram’s Religious Cleansing in Northern Nigeria: An Inside Look at the World’s Deadliest Place for Christians”.
This panel discussion will address the human impact of the ongoing violence by Boko Haram and the necessary steps the international community needs to take to address and halt the rise of jihadists in Northern Nigeria.
Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute, Nina Shea, will moderate the discussion. Panelists will include:
Adamu Habila, a first-hand witness to the terror, and the sole survivor of a massacre of his neighborhood November 2012. Adumu Habila is the first known victim of Boko Haram to visit Washington and speak publicly about his experiences.
Emmanuel Ogebe is an international human rights lawyer and expert in bilateral U.S.-Nigerian relations who founded the “Justice for Jos Project” in 2010, which seeks redress for the victims of persecution in Northern Nigeria.

Ann Buwalda, an attorney and law professor, is the Executive Director of Jubilee Campaign, an organization focusing on international religious freedom, the plight of religious-based refugees, and other human rights issues. She recently interviewed Nigerian Christians who have taken refuge in Cameroon.

Emmanuel Ogebe and Ann Buwalda recently returned from a fact-finding mission to Nigeria. They will report on the Nigerian government’s response to the violence; the inadequacy of U.S. and Western involvement and assistance; and the internationalization of the plight of Nigeria’s indigenous Christian population.

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In HIS Grace and Peace

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Ann Buwalda, Executive Director

Jubilee Campaign USA

Coptic Solidarity Fourth Annual Conference

 June 20-21, 2013

 Washington, D.C.

 To What Extent Will the U.S. and the International Community Support an Islamist Government in Egypt?

June 20:Policy Day (Capitol Visitors Center, HVC 201, Near Congressional Auditorium)

9:00  –Opening remarks, by Coptic Solidarity President

9:15  -Session 1

  • ChairDr. Walid Phares Co-Sec. General, Transatlantic Legislative Group
  • Ambassador R. James Woolsey – Chairman, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Former Director of Central Intelligence.
  • Baroness Cox – UK House of Lords.
  • Amb. Ned Walker – Former Amb. to Egypt; Distinguished Professor of Global Political Theory, Hamilton College

10:30  -Panel: What Next in Egypt?

  • Dr. Osama El-Ghazaly Harb – Chairman, Democratic Front Party; Member of the Salvation Front, Egypt.
  • Judge Ayman Fouad – Rapporteur of the Freedoms Committee of the Judges’ Club’ in Egypt.
  • TBA
  • Q&A 

(Members of Congress drop by as of 11:00)

12:00  –Leadership Award presentation to Congressman Frank Wolf

12:15   -Lunch break (sandwiches served in the room)

1:00  –(Members of Congress drop by all PM)

Session 2 –

  • Chair:  Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ).
  • Judith Miller – Author, Journalist.
  • KNS:  Judge Michael Mukasey – 81st. United States Attorney General;Partner,Debevoise & Plimpton LLP .

2:00  -Panel – Liberties, between Violation and Reporting

  • Dwight BashirDeputy Director for Policy and Research USCIRF.
  • Emilie Kao, Esq.Senior International Legal Counsel, previously at the Office of International Religious Freedom, the State Department.
  • Raymond IbrahimResearcher, author, columnist.
  • Amb. Suzan Johnson CookA.A.L Intl. Religious Freedom.             (Presensce Only)
  • Amb. Andrew BennettBureau of Religious Freedom, Canada.
  • Jim Karigaynnis – MP, Canadian House of Commons.

4:30  –Conclusions

 5:00  – E N D


June 21:  Conference (Dulles A/P Marriott Hotel)

9:00  -Panel – Minorities Rights under Islamist Rule

  • Chair: Raymond Ibrahim, Researcher, author, columnist.
  • Caroline Doss, Esq.,Coptic Solidarity Vice President.
  • Dr. Mariz Tadros, Institute of Development Studies, London, UK.
  • Rev. Keith Roderick, D.D., Secretary General, Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights (Remarks delivered by Dr. Helmy Guirguis, Coptic Solidarity Board Member).
  • Monica Mikhail, Esq., Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM).
  • Tina Ramirez, President, Hardwired Inc. NGO to promote religious freedom

10:30  -Break

11:00  -Panel – Regional Security Issues

  • Chair: Colonel Ken Allard, former dean at the War College and NBC Military expert.
  • Admiral (Ret.) James Lyons, Jr., U.S. Navy Retired; President/CEO of LION Associates LLC.
  • Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarlandformer Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, and FOX News National Security Analyst.

 12:15 -Special session: Message from Russia

  • Alexey KomovPresident World Congress of Families in Russia and CIS- Moscow

12:30  -Lunch break

1:30  -Panel- Assessing the Brotherhood Regime – Internal & International roles

  • ChairFrank GaffneyPresident of the Center for Security Policy.
  • Steve Emerson, Executive Director, The Investigative Project on Terrorism.
  • Dr. Tawfik Hamid, Chair for the Study of Islamic Radicalism, the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies.
  • Dina Guirguis, Esq. – Egyptian American attorney.
  • Halim Meawad, Former diplomat, Secretary, Coptic Solidarity.
  • Q&A

3:30  -Break

4:00  -Panel – Current Political Crisis in Egypt

  • ChairMagdi Khalil, Writer and analyst; Coptic Solidarity Board Member.
  • Dr Ehsan Kameel GeorgyHead of Forensics Department, Ministry of Justice, Cairo.
  • Judge Ayman Fouad – Rapporteur of the Freedoms Committee of the Judges’ Club’ in Egypt.
  • Dr. Osama El-Ghazaly Harb – Chairman, Democratic Front Party; Member of the Salvation Front.
  • Book Signing SessionDr. Mariz Tadros, Raymond Ibrahim.
  • Q&A

 6:00  -(TBA)

 6:30  –E N D

For more information about the conference please click here.

To register please click here.

The Obama Administration Neglects Nigeria Again

Last week the White House announced the details of President Obama’s trip to Africa next month. President Obama will be going to only three African countries: Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania. Nigeria, which was originally thought to be on the agenda, has been left out of the itinerary.

This is not President Obama first trip to Africa. During his first term he traveled to Africa and like this trip neglected to visit Nigeria. In the wake of the mounds of evidence of attacks on Christians and other minorities this trip should take precedence to support an ally. No explanation has been given as to Nigeria’s exclusion from this trip.

The only explanation Jubilee can find for this exclusion is the Obama Administrations disapproval of President Goodluck Jonathan’s declaration of a state of emergency . It is the U.S. State Department’s belief that declaring Boko Haram a terrorist organization would alienate Boko Haram and stop their ability to cooperate with its members. Jubilee’s question is what good is cooperation if it does not lead to even a reduction in the number of attacks?

Prominent African-American commentator Armstrong Williams also has pointed out that the United States should be supporting Nigeria in its efforts to stop Boko Haram’s take over of northern states rather than criticizing efforts to restore peace as the Secretary of State Kerry had done during his trip to sub-Saharan Africa last month.  Mr. Williams wrote, “Given the strategic implications of the fight now underway in Nigeria, the U.S. should be looking for additional ways to assist, as opposed to publicly chiding the government there.”

Although condemning acts of violence by Boko Haram, the State Department repeatedly declares support for “legitimate grievances” it claims Boko Haram endorses, although all public Boko Haram declarations and interviews only describe the imposition of Sharia law as its motivation for violence.  Offering amnesty and cooperation is a form of condoning the violence and endorsing the goal to impose Sharia law and displace the democratic Nigerian government. No credit has been given to the Christian population in Nigeria, especially Northern Nigeria, for their restraint from retaliatory violence.

If the Obama administration is choosing not to go to Nigeria on the grounds that it is too high risk of a visit, we believe that this only goes to prove the seriousness of the situation and the need for engagement from the Obama administration. The US government has designated three of Boko Haram’s prominent leaders as terrorists but refuses to name the group as a whole terroristic. This is concerning and confusing. This terror group has already claimed the lives of people from 15 different nations and risked the lives of two American’s during the UN bombing in Abuja. What more will it take?

Nigeria is known to be the US’s tie to Africa. It is the US’s top trading partner in Africa, largest African immigrant group in the US, and a major strategic partner for Bilateral communication in Africa. Now it seems that the US will isolate Nigeria at a time when Nigeria needs the US most to encourage democratic development. Obama is widely admired in Nigeria and a visit during this strategic time could provoke change and democratic fervor. Jubilee is deeply saddened by the Obama Administrations decision to leave Nigeria’s side when needed most.

JC Event – Congressional Briefing, Crisis in Northern Nigeria: An Update Thursday, April 25th 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Cannon House Office Building, Room 234

(Lunch will be provided)

Continuing violence by the Islamist group Boko Haram in 2012 and into 2013 has left over 1000 Christians dead and numerous churches destroyed or damaged. Although northern Nigeria accounts for more deaths of Christians in 2012 than the rest of the world combined, a soft-pedal approach towards Nigerian Islamists by the U.S. Department of State is allowing Nigeria to be pushed to the brink of civil war in the wake of a pre-genocide. This 2nd Biennial briefing by Justice for Jos, a Project of Jubilee Campaign, in collaboration with the Washington Working Group on Nigeria, will present an update on the terrorist insurgency of Boko Haram by international and Nigerian experts who will provide first-hand testimony on recent events, local as well as international efforts to de-escalate the conflict, and a report documenting the 2012 atrocities.

Experts Include:

Emmanuel Ogebe, Special Counsel Justice for Jos, engaged at the International Criminal Court on crimes against humanity in Nigeria and lead author of the 2012 report by Jubilee Campaign and Justice for Jos Project.

Edward Pwajok, Attorney General, Plateau State.

Former Federal Congresswoman Martha Bodunrin, who buried 500 constituents after the Dogo Nahawa massacre of March 2010.

Mark Lipdo, Stefanos Foundation, which is monitoring and tracking attacks in Nigeria as well as helping to care for victims.

The Honorable Zainab Dogo, a female Muslim Member of the Plateau State House of Assembly.

Laolu Akande – Executive Director of the Christian Association of Nigerian Americans who led a recent relief effort to Nigeria.

State Congresswoman Rifkatu Samson – the only female member and sole Christian in Bauchi State House of Assembly, suspended for over a year for speaking out on behalf of her Christian constituency.

Mindy Belz, an American journalist who toured northern Nigeria at a time when Westerners were being killed.

Please RSVP to

For questions about the event, please contact Kelley McLean, Jubilee Campaign 703-503-0791

We look forward to seeing you.

Jubilee Campaign Invites You to the 2nd Biennial Justice for Jos Human Rights Report 4/26 at 11 am

In view of the alarming statistics that more Christians were killed in Nigeria in 2012, than the rest of the world combined, Jubilee is working hard to draw global attention to what our Nigeria expert has termed the “Pre-Genocide.”

Justice for Jos,  a Project of Jubilee Campaign in collaboration with the Washington Working Group on Nigeria, invite you to “A Report Release of the documented 2012 Atrocities in Nigeria:The 2nd Biennial Justice for Jos Pre-Genocide Report.”

Please find below the tentative program for the 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. April 26 Nigeria Event to be held at the Family Research Council, 801 G Street NW, Washington DC.

Invited guests include human rights workers, government representatives, community leaders from Europe and Africa:

Former Federal Congresswoman Martha Bodunrin who buried 500 of her constituents after the horrendous Dogo Nahawa massacre of March 2010.

Attorney General Edward Pwajok of Plateau State responsible for prosecuting perpetrators.

Barrister Greg Lar who represents the victims families.

Mark Lipdo whose Stefanos Foundation cared for over 1350 victims of persecution in 2012.

Emmanuel Ogebe, Special Counsel for Justice for Jos who is engaged at the International Criminal Court on the crimes against humanity legal aspects of the Nigerian situation.

Frans Veerman from World Watch Monitor who researched and determined Nigeria as the most violent place in the world for Christians.

Mindy Belz from World Magazine, went on a daring fact-finding visit to several of the most dangerous states in Nigeria. She reported on the Nigerian situation at a time when westerners were being killed by terrorists.

State Congresswoman Rifkatu Samson, the only female member and sole Christian in Bauchi State House of Assembly who has been suspended for over a year for speaking out on behalf of her Christian constituency.

Others who will be speaking about peacebuilding and interfaith efforts are:

Hon Tigwar Zainab Naanzem, a female Muslim Member of the Plateau State House of Assembly

Chris Kwaja,  the government’s Director of Research and a conflict resolution professor at the University of Jos,

Mrs Julie Makama, a gender activist working with Woman Without Walls

Alhaji Dauda Lamba, a Muslim Advisor to Plateau state on religious matters


Below please find the tentative program for the April 26th Seminar: 

Panel 1:

  • Where are all the children gone?
    •  Revisiting the Dogo Nahawa Massacres 3 years after
  • The ghost of a community in collective trauma
    • The justice update
    • The current crisis
  •  Q and A

Break for Lunch Provided

Panel 2:

  • Interfaith Effort in Peace Building
  •  Muslims in Plateau State
  •  Q and A

Panel 3:

  • New Frontier Boko Haram and Post Election Violence
  • An Overview of the Calendar
  • Humanitarian Concerns: Those Left Behind
  • Q and A


  • Failed US Policy
  • The Cry For Help


Please RSVP by sending an email to, stating your name and affiliation.
We look forward to seeing you.