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Mary Mohammadi – Suspended sentence

Name: Mary Mohammadi Age: 21 Country: Iran Background: Christian convert Reason for arrest: In January 2020 Mary was arrested for her participation in Tehran protests against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran’s attack on a Ukrainian passenger flight, leading to the untimely deaths of approximately 175 individuals. Upon her arrest, Mary was transported through …

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Farhad Fahandezh

Name: Farhad Fahandezh Area of Origin: Iran Age: 60 Background: Farhad is a Baha’i practitioner and member of a Baha’i administrative group called “Yaran-e-Iran” Reason for Arrest: On October 17, 2012, Farhad Fahandezh was arrested at his home in Gorgan, Iran for his involvement in the Baha’i faith and administrative organizations. He was held without …

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Mohammad Reza Omidi

Area of Origin: Islamic Republic of Iran Background: Omidi is an Iranian Christian convert who, alongside three other Christian men, have been leading the “Church of Iran” since Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s most recent arrest in July 2017. Reason for arrest: Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence arrested Omidi and three other church leaders from a home worship …

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