Update on Asia Bibi

On July 22nd, Asia Bibi appeared before a three judge panel of the Pakistan Supreme Court who decided to temporarily suspend her death sentence for blasphemy. Based on dubious evidence and witnesses, a sessions court had found Bibi guilty of violating Pakistan Penal Code 295(c) for […] Read more »

Boko Haram Hearing and FTO Designation

JUBILEE CAMPAIGN LAUDS U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE’S DESIGNATION OF BOKO HARAM AS A FOREIGN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION WASHINGTON, DC (November 13, 2013) – Several human rights, religious liberty and civil society groups today welcomed the designation of Boko Haram–whose religious persecution of Christians has reached a catastrophic level–as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” by the U.S. […] Read more »

Recognizing Reality: The Slaughter of Nigerian Christians is Religious

Jubilee Campaign and other human rights groups gravely concerned with the US State Department’s ill-informed statements A group of human rights and religious liberty organizations in Washington condemn the barbaric multi-city Easter Sunday bombings in Kaduna and Plateau state that claimed dozens of lives. Attacks on […] Read more »

Uncertain Times for post-Kim Jong Il North Korea; Final Verdict on Yousef Nadarkhani Case Delayed

The Death of a Dictator 2011 has been a hard year for oppressive governments. Protestors forced the dictators of Tunisia and Egypt to step down. Armed militias in Libya, with some NATO backing eventually killed Gaddafi and put his body on display. The rumbles of revolution […] Read more »