The Christian Rescue Fund

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In 1998, Mr. Dean Jones had a vision to rescue persecuted Christians and Jews. The need is as great today, if not greater, than it was then. Dean entrusted Jubilee Campaign with continuing the vision and mission of the Christian Rescue Committee, and we established the Christian Rescue Fund to do just that. The following case is a recent example of many cases which the Christian Rescue Fund has aided since its launch by Mr. Jones.

In late January 2009, a couple assisted by the Christian Rescue Fund entered the United States having fled a terrible situation in Egypt. The couple initially sought refuge in a neighboring Middle Eastern country and had obtained refugee status recognition from the UN High Commission for Refugees to leave that country for the United States. Their situation changed for the worse when their names were placed on an Interpol list banning travel from that Middle Eastern country and calling for their extradition back to Egypt. Although the UN gave them two business days to depart for the US, they were stopped at the last minute because of the Interpol list. The situation looked grim.

After the US Department of State authorized resettlement to the US, staff from the American Embassy enabled them to depart the Middle Eastern country. The couple was allowed to travel to the US safely and is grateful to the Christian Rescue Fund for providing the financial means for their eventual rescue.

Through the years Jubilee Campaign has been able to help rescue countless refugee families worldwide, from Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan and others. 

Please consider donating to the Christian Rescue Fund to help families just like this one. Thank you for your generosity!