Gulmira Imin

Name: Gulmira Imin

Country: China

Background: Prior to her arrest, Imin held a local government position in the capital of Xinjiang, Urumqi. In 2009, Imin established the website Salkin, which focused on Uyghur culture and news in Xinjiang, and which took on a critical perspective of the Chinese government.

Reason for Arrest: In July 2009, there was a major protest in Urumqi to condemn the ‘revenge’ killings of two Uyghur migrant employees in Guangdong Province following false accusations of Uyghur workers sexually assaulting Han Chinese female employees. The allegation was completely untrue.

During the protest which Imin participated in, violence escalated and led to the deaths of 200 individuals, both Uyghurs and Han Chinese, and injured almost 2,000. Five days later, Imin was detained on suspicions that she was the organizer of the protests and that she used her website to disseminate plans for the event. Imin was charged on April 1, 2010 with “splittism, leaking state secrets, and organizing an illegal demonstration” and sentenced to a lifetime in prison- her subsequent appeal was rejected.

Current Status as of June 2020:

  • LATEST: Imin is currently serving her life sentence in Xinjiang Women’s Prison in the province’s capital Urumqi, where she only receives family visits four times a year.