Pastor Raymond Koh

Name: Raymond Koh

Country: Malaysia

Background: Pastor Raymond Koh is a Christian pastor of Evangelical Free Church and has been on the receiving end of some threats before: in 2011, he was accused of evangelism and had received a death threat.

Incident: CCTV recordings revealed that Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted on February 13, 2017 while he was driving in Selangor. The video shows a few large black SUVs surrounding Pastor Koh’s cars and eventually coercing him to stop driving. Those driving the SUVs approached the vehicle with Pastor Koh in it before kidnapping him and driving away.

Because of the organization and professionalism of the abduction and because of the harassment Pastor Koh has faced for his religious activism, his wife, Susanna, believes that he was kidnapped by state authorities, though it has not yet been confirmed.