Prayers for Nigeria Day 1

Due to the fluid nature of the situation here in Nigeria, it would be inadvisable to post details of our trip day by day. So I have decided to post a prayer every night. This prayer will be informed by what I have learned over the course of the day but will contain no specifics. I encourage you to pray along with me and hope you enjoy this means of participation.

The First Day’s Prayer

Lord I thank you for travel mercies, and a long long day now done.

I thank you for this marvelous opportunity and pray that you would direct us to see just what you want us to see.

Lord I praise you for the mighty hearts of the Nigerian Christians. They have endured so much for so long.

Oh God, I pray that your grace would be on them to sustain them, for when 3 weeks without a murderous explosion is considered relatively peaceful, Lord the trials are heavy indeed.

Lord we pray that you would raise up a just government in Nigeria, one which would fulfill your mandate to keep order in society.

I pray your blessing and protection on our trip

In Jesus Name



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  1. berrylady63 says:

    AMEN! Thrilled you got there safely. Will be praying for you every day you are there as well as for the people.

  2. Ap Paul says:

    Just to add some context to the prayers, one city was bombed yesterday and another today. One hasn’t yet but the terrorists have promised they are coming. So we pretty much have nowhere to go except the Lord guides and protects. One really neat testimony we heard tonite though – the city set bombed 3 weeks ago? Well the IEDs went off earlier than planned so the churches blew up several hours before the Sunday morning services. Therefore many lives were spared!

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