Justice for Jos+ Project

Nigeria Calendar: Documenting 2012 Attacks

Nigeria Calendar: Documenting 2012 Attacks

More Christians were killed in Nigeria in 2012 than the rest of the world combined. To highlight their voices, Jubilee Campaign, Justice for Jos+, and the Nigeria Working Group Washington recently released a 2013 prayer calendar memorializing attacks against Christians, churches, government institutions and employees, schools, businesses, and civilians in Nigeria in 2012 by month and day.

The calendar features personal stories of several victims, photos of attack sites, and actions that you can take to raise awareness about the ongoing violence against Christians in Nigeria. We hope that this calendar will provoke a prayer movement for Nigeria to honor our brothers and sisters who were martyred for their faith. You can also pick an attack in your birthday month and give a gift to help victims from those attacks.

The calendars are ready and available for order ($10/1 or $15/2)!

The Justice for Jos+ Project spearheads Jubilee Campaign’s work on Northern Nigeria. Nigeria’s 150 million people are divided roughly 50/50 between the Christian majority South and the Muslim majority North. In the Muslim controlled North, Christians and ethnic minorities of both Muslim and Christian background are heavily discriminated against by the Muslim Hausa-Fulani community, which denies them equal treatment in land use, education, employment, and access to media. Despite a putative return to civilian rule in 1999, the legal system of Nigeria continues to allow these  violation of Nigerian civil rights. Incitement to violence against non-Muslim “infidels” is common and mob violence has forced many of the Christians who remain in the North to gather into exclusively Christian communities. The lack of consistent and effective prosecutions of crimes against Christians has created a climate of impunity which encourages violent crimes and gives the Christians no hope of justice.

Jos, which is a historically Christian city just south of the Muslim/Christian border, has been repeatedly and disproportionately attacked by Muslim rioters, many of whom are Hausa-Fulani from the far North. Jubilee Campaign took up the Justice for Jos Project in late 2010 with a special focus on the city of Jos and Plateau State generally.

However, over the last year and a half the April 2011 Post-Election Violence and the rise of the Boko Haram Terrorist group reignited conflict all over the North causing us to add the + to the Justice for Jos+ Project. We should not and will not ignore the suffering of Christians throughout the North.

Our quest to end the climate of impunity and bring justice to Jos and throughout northern Nigeria has taken us to the US Capitol, to the UN Human Rights Council, and to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.