Who we are

A Vital Voice for Those Suffering in Silence

Jubilee Campaign is a non-profit organization

which promotes the human rights and religious liberty of ethnic and religious minorities in the most oppressive countries. We assist individuals seeking asylum from religious persecution as well as promote the care and well-being of larger groups of refugees fleeing religious and ethnic persecution.

Advocacy for vulnerable women and children

Jubilee Campaign works to promote and protect vulnerable women and children from bodily harm and sexual exploitation, paying particular attention to the scourge of human trafficking or modern slavery which we oppose however we can, wherever we find it, in all of its forms.

Advocacy at the United Nations

Jubilee Campaign holds consultative status at the United Nations from the Economic and Social Council. This allows us to participate in international bodies such as the UN General Assembly in New York, the Human Rights Council in Geneva, and the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Advocacy for religious prisoners of conscience

Jubilee Campaign also advocates for the release of prisoners of conscience such as converts and pastors in Iran and Eritrea,  human rights defenders such as Gao Zhisheng of China, and many others who are in prison or otherwise denied their basic human rights.

Many great evils are committed in the dark against those who cannot speak for themselves.

Jubilee Campaign strives to shine the light of truth on human rights abuses which oppressive governments deny or attempt to justify. All around the world people are languishing in prison or dying because no one will utter a word in their defense. When evil tries to silence its victims, our voice will not let them be forgotten.

We are “A Vital Voice”