Prayers for Nigeria Day 9

Dear Friends

Today we were able to visit the northern state of Kano and meet with some of the Christians there. Kano is of particular interest to the Jubilee Campaign, because the Boko Haram attacks were targeted attacks on government buildings which killed far more Muslims than Christians. This was the most dangerous part of our trip by far and we are grateful that God kept us safe throughout it.

Due to this bloodshed, the eyes of some of the leaders of Kano have been opened to the reality that Boko Haram will not stop until their ideology is triumphant. As we are well aware that ideology dictates the death of Christians, but it also requires the vast majority of Nigeria’s Muslims to compromise their convictions or face death as well. We were even encouraged to hear of Muslim leaders who have explicitly and publicly condemned the Boko Haram. Unfortunately, those Muslims who do proclaim their opposition to the Boko Haram are quickly killed or forced to flee the area, silencing their voices.

Some other exciting things happened to us in Kano, but I’ll leave that for another day.


I thank you for the Christians that endure in the far north and I pray that you will keep them safe in this lethal new world that they find themselves in.

Lord I thank you that the evil of Boko Haram has finally been recognized by some leaders of the Muslim community in Kano, but we grieve for the souls whose fate is now beyond the reach of the Gospel. Lord I pray for discernment for your pastors in the North, they desperately need wisdom in knowing who to trust. Lord unless people can build trust then there will never be peace in the north, but if they give their trust to the wrong people then the violence will only increase.

Lord I pray that you would preserve the Muslims who recognize that Boko Haram is evil. Lord I pray that even those Muslims who desire Nigeria to be an Islamic nation will recognize that the terrorism of Boko Haram is destruction which begets destruction and it cannot build anything. I pray that the Muslims would see that unless they unite against these terrorists that there will be no more Nigeria.

Lord I pray for those of your people who have been humiliated by the northern Muslims until they are shamed and weak in their own eyes. I pray that you would strengthen their hearts and allow them to lift their heads up high. And I pray that their unashamed passion for Christ will bring a great harvest for the Kingdom.

Lord preserve your people


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  1. berrylady63 says:

    Have been praying for you all week and will pass on that you are staying another day. So very proud of all that you are doing and confident that God will be with you for the last part of your journey. Keep on keeping on. There are many who are behind you in your work for this country and for the Lord. Can’t wait to talk to when you are stateside again.

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