Board of Trustees

The twelve members of our Board of Trustees bring diverse experience from a broad spectrum within international religious freedom and Christian outreach. 

Danny Smith is the founder and director of Jubilee Campaign in England, and his wife Joan also works for Jubilee. Danny Smith serves as President of the Board.

Ann Buwalda launched Jubilee Campaign in the US, serves without salary as the Executive Director in the US, and owns the immigration law firm of Just Law International PC.  She serves as Vice-President of the Board.

Faith McDonnell currently directs advocacy on international religious freedom issues for Katartismos Global, where she focuses her decades of experience on these issues leading prayer initiatives and church awareness to raise the voices of the persecuted in Africa.  

Paul and Mary Miller spent a decade with Youth With A Mission in England; and, after Paul finished law school at Regent University School of Law, he has worked for several ministries. 

Brian and Polly Coen retired from the US Department of State and both enjoy supporting missions’ endeavors.  They serve as co-Secretaries of the Board.

Kie-Eng Go voluntarily serves as the Indonesia coordinator for Jubilee Campaign since 1998, raising all of the necessary funds for Indonesia fact-finding trips, humanitarian projects, and advocacy.  Born in Jakarta, he earned an Electrical Engineering degree, and has worked for engineering companies in Texas.  Currently, he is back in Indonesia undertaking community and education development programs.  

Wendy Wright is the president and CEO of Christian Freedom International and has had extensive past experience working to protect the “least of these” within US state and federal legislatures, with US federal agencies, at the United Nations, and around the world.

Ann Blackwood retired from the US Department of State after 31 years serving as a practitioner and diplomat in global health and multilateral policy issues. She serves on her church vestry.

Bonnie Ryason, works for the immigration law firm, Just Law International, 1997-present, and voluntarily oversees and administrates many Jubilee Campaign programs serving as comptroller and Treasurer of the Board of Jubilee. She formerly worked in the medical field.