50 More Homes Burned in Gojra

Attacks in Korian village last Friday left over 47 Christian homes burned and Christian women and children severely injured by burns. The next day, August 1, 2009, a separate accusation of blasphemy incited riots by another extremist Muslim group to burn approximately 50 more Christian homes in Gojra, Pakistan. The overall damage has led to 14 deaths, over 100 Christian homes and churches burned, and a large need for protection. We are currently drafting a letter to the Pakistani embassy asking for police protection of Christians in Pakistan. Please consider sending your own copy when it is posted later today or tomorrow. Your voice matters and can get medical help and protection for your brothers and sisters. You may read a more in-depth report here.

Please see the photos below from our partner at the Center for Legal Aid and Assistance Settlement (CLAAS).

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