Kids Dancing at Jubilee Home IV

Tabitha Orphans Fund

We support Tabitha Evangel Ministries in their endeavor to raise 6800 dollars to pay for books and tuition for 29 children who have lost at least one parent to Islamic extremists. Help us restore a life.

Jubilee Home IV Fund

Starting in 2004, Jubilee Campaign USA partnered with Bombay Teen Challenge to raise support to protect vulnerable daughters of prostitutes and build a home for HIV+ Orphans outside of Bombay, India. We continue to support Jubilee Home IV.

Christian Rescue Fund

A continuation of the vision and mission of Dean Jones’ Christian Rescue Committee, this fund assists urgent rescue and advocacy of Christians worldwide.

Maluku Orphans Fund

In Maluku we support the charity, Yayasan Sala Waku Maluku through which we fund the support of 150 orphans. We provide funds for staff and operations of an orphanage dormitory, the Caleb House, to house 25 of the most traumatized orphans needing better care.

Pakistan Victims Fund

We provided CLAAS grants to support victim families of religious persecution and other forms of human rights violations, including travel expenses of the CLAAS coordinator. We also prepared and distributed reports covering violations occurring there.