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Currently, Jubilee Campaign serves as treasurer of advocacy programs for the North Korean Freedom Coalition. The coalition aims to make Human Rights the key policy of all governments in dealing with North Korea, and also to bring freedom, human rights, and dignity to the North Korean people. To learn more about the North Korean Freedom Coalition and what we do, visit the website by clicking here.

In February 2014 the United Nations Commission on Inquiry (COI) released its 36 page report based on 372 pages of testimony which found that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has committed “unspeakable atrocities.” The report describes how “The State considers the spread of Christianity a particularly serious threat…People caught practicing Christianity are subject to severe punishments in violation of the right to freedom of religion…” The COI declared that “crimes against humanity” have been committed by a variety of North Korean officials.

Recommendations in the COI report call for pressuring the North Korean regime through targeted sanctions which do not affect food aid. H.R. 1771 would specifically block the offshore accounts of Kim Jong Un who has more than a $1 billion in European banks and hundreds of millions more in China, while citizens of North Korea are starving. Current very limited sanctions on North Korea only target their nuclear program. H.R. 1771 makes improvements in human rights essential.

This is why it is important to contact your Member of Congress and show your support for H.R. 1771 . This important bipartisan resolution which already has over 133 co-signers would impose strict financial sanctions on North Korea and discourage its rampant egregious disregard for human rights. Below is Jubilee’s letter that you may use as a guide as you either write or call your Congressional Member. Click here and type in your zip code to be directed to your Representatives page.

Please Write or Call Your Congressional Members
Feel free to use this as a guide.

Dear Congressman/Congresswoman,


As your constituent, I am very concerned about the dire situation of the oppressed people in North Korea and the safety of all being threatened by the North Korean government. Therefore, I request you to cosponsor bipartisan legislation H.R. 1771.


This resolution will impose tough financial sanctions against the Kim Jong-Un regime and its foreign enablers. H.R. 1771 gives the Obama Administration the authority to sanction banks and foreign governments which enable the regime’s illegal activities and human rights abuses.


North Korea’s nuclear threats jeopardize world peace. This regime has threatened the U.S. and our allies, ignored and defied U.N. resolutions, reengaged on its denuclearization commitments, and have systematically committed some of the worst human rights violations in the world. The Kim Jong-Un regime hangs on to power through the existence of labor camps where more than 200,000 North Korean citizens are imprisoned.


The regime relies on hard currency laundered through foreign banks. These banks have only been subject to a limited number of sanctions used to put pressure on Iran, Burma, and Sudan. Please support this tougher approach to cut off North Korea from the revenues generated by its illicit activities. These limited sanctions were highly effective until they were relaxed prematurely in 2007.


There are already over 125 sponsors. Please add your name to the list of cosponsors on this important bill by contacting Congressman Royce’s office. Thank you for your time, help, and service to your constituency.



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