Jubilee Homes IV Fund

Over 100,000 young women are sexually trafficked in India each year and 10,000 of those are in Mumbai’s red light district alone. More than 5 years ago, Jubilee Campaign helped construct 4 homes near Mumbai, India to house young women in an effort to rescue them from forced prostitution. We continue to financially support Jubilee Home IV, a home for boys and girls who are affected by HIV/AIDS. Currently, there are 37 children in the home. Despite their sickness, many of them are excelling in school.

Mothers of the young women who live in the Jubilee Homes craft jewelry and leather goods to sell. They want to see their daughters escape their fate. We help sell these goods as a way to financially support the daughters and the mothers to take ultimate steps in stopping the cycle of the sex trade. 100% of your donations go directly to the work of our partner, Bombay Teen Challenge, to improve the lives of these women. To donate or buy one of these beautifully crafted goods click here.