Pakistan Victims Fund


Jubilee administers the Aid to Victims’ Families Fund to assist the families of Pakistanis who have been murdered, incapacitated or driven into hiding because of unjust accusations of blasphemy. We cooperate in this effort with our partners in Lahore, Pakistan, the Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS).

In 2012 Jubilee Campaign Netherlands (JCNL) and  Dutch MP Joel Voordewind traveled to Pakistan to witness the plight of the Christian community.

Dutch Parliamentarian Joel Voordewind playing with the child of a Christian family forced into hiding by a false accusation of Blasphemy.

When Christians are targeted by false accusations even their children are forced to go into hiding. CLAAS provides safe houses and limited support for these Christians in hiding. Space is extremely limited. There is one room per family with one bed for the parents and hammocks on the sides for the children. Some families have lived in these circumstances for many years without any hope of being able to return to society or leave the country.

Your donations to the Fund will help shield and protect these families.