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#HRC45: Interactive Dialogue on the report of Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar

Myanmar continues to disrespect the ceasefire rules and target religious minorities but also the Buddhists in the Arakan [known as Rakhine] state. Jubilee Campaign raised this at the Human Rights Council session, September 2020. You can read the full oral statement below. Jubilee Campaign also submitted a written statement raising the persecution of religious minorities in Myanmar and the situation of the refugees in Bangladesh.

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Oral Statement
Forty-fifth session of the Human Rights Council
Interactive dialogue on the report of Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar
14 September – 6 October 2020
NGO: Jubilee Campaign

Madam President:

We thank the  Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar for their report.

Jubilee Campaign would like to draw the council’s attention to how the Republic of Myanmar continues to disrespect the ceasefire rules.  

Just a few days ago, on sept 9,  Free Burma Rangers reported an attack by the Myanmar Army. The Myanmar Army fired six artillery shells that hit  a village in Myebon Township killing two children and two adults and injuring at least seven people  

Similar attacks by the Myanmar Army against civilians, regardless of religion, are continuing across Western Burma even spilling into Chin state in the Army’s attempts to defeat the Arakan Army. Free Burma rangers have received reports of kidnapping and torture and in the last months more than 10,000 Chin (who are mostly Christian), Arakan (who are primarily Buddhist), and Khumi (mostly Christian) villagers have been displaced in Chin State. 

The Myanmar Army have also continued fighting in Karen state, including the killing of a Mu Traw District forest worker near near Dwelo Township, Karen State and shooting dead a 40-year old Karen woman.

Jubilee Campaign recommends that the council 
– Continue to investigate all sides of violence against civilians in Myanmar and hold perpetrators accountable and  especially condemn and investigate the recent reports of the Myanmar Army breaching ceasefire rules and attacking civilians. 

Thank you.