#HRC45 Oral Statement – Repeal Apostasy laws

On the 24 September 2020, Jubilee Campaign addressed the Human Rights Council, welcoming the repeal of the apostasy law in Sudan and calling for other countries to follow their example. Jubilee Campaign highlighted the Secretary General’s report A/HRC/42/28 which called for the repeal the death penalty for apostasy.
Watch and read the full oral statement below.

Oral Statement
Forty-fifth session of the Human Rights Council
General Debate
Item 3
14 September  – 6 October
NGO: Jubilee Campaign

Mme. President:

Thank you.

On 9 July 2020 the transitional government of the Republic of the Sudan made the historic step of repealing their apostasy law which mandated the death penalty for anyone who left Islam.

Member States must take immediate steps to repeal laws which mandate the death penalty for apostasy or blasphemy, in line with Article 18 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as there are still over 10 countries which have the death penalty for apostasy, limiting the fundamental freedom of choosing or leaving a religion or belief. 

We urge the Human Rights Council to make it a priority to repeal these laws in line with the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion’s recommendations and the Secretary General’s Report HRC 42/28.

As the Secretary General has noted even where a moratorium is in place the laws have, “a chilling effect on the legitimate exercise of human rights.” We urge the Human Rights Council to pass a resolution to address this. 

 Thank you.