Information regarding donations made to the North Korea Freedom Coalition

Dear Donors,

As many of you know, Jubilee Campaign serves as the treasurer for the North Korea Freedom Coalition (NKFC). The coalition aims to make Human Rights the key policy of all governments in dealing with North Korea, and also to bring freedom, human rights, and dignity to the North Korean people. Your donations are essential to the work we do and the projects we support.

We were recently made aware that donations made through PayPal that are designated for the “North Korea Freedom Coalition” or “North Korea projects” are being flagged. Due to Government Regulations and Policies, PayPal is required to suspend transactions that have “North Korea” in the special instructions, notes, etc, until further investigation by PayPal. In order to make sure that there are not any issues with PayPal transactions, we ask for you to write “NKFC” or “NK” rather than “North Korea Freedom Coalition” or “North Korea” when making a donation through PayPal.

Thank you for your understanding! To learn more about the North Korean Freedom Coalition and what we do, visit the website by clicking here.