Join the Global Day of Prayer for Burma on March 13th

March 13th is the Global Day of Prayer for Burma!

The people of The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, a country also known as Burma, have experienced continued hardship as they have endured ongoing conflict, political instability, extreme economic hardships, and natural disaster. Burma is one of the least developed countries in the world, ranking 148 out of 188 on the UN’s Human Development Index in 2015. In this underdeveloped country, people suffer from severe poverty, and many have fled due to violence and the harsh military rule. Please take a few moments to join people around the world in praying for the people in Burma.

The following information can aid you in praying:
 pray for burma
Fighting between ethnic minorities has put many civilians at risk. Many schools within ethnic minority areas have been destroyed during attacks on villages, which has taken the lives of many children and injured others. However, education persists as teachers continue to meet with students. Hope could lie within these learning students who have the potential to make a great impact on Burma as it develops. “Pray for protection of school children and teachers, for both opportunity and perseverance as they build together the future of their country.”
On October 15, 2015, eight Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) signed a Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) with the government and Myanmar army. However, about 10 EAOs did not sign, and the agreement has also not been ratified by Parliament. Therefore, the NCA has not accomplished complete peace between groups and the military. There is still fighting between EAOs and the Myanmar Army has continued their attacks against civilians and EAOs that did not sign the NCA. “Pray for the ongoing, complicated peace process, for the continuing ceasefire negotiations, and for the new government.”

Kachin State is especially afflicted with rape, murder, attacks, and displacement. Last January, two young women who were missionaries sent by the Kachin Baptist Convention were raped and killed by the Burma Army. Members of the army came to the church compound while the girls were sleeping and assaulted and killed them. Villagers heard their screams and found the girls dead after the army left. They notified the police, but the police took no action. Please keep the families of these girls in your prayers as well as others threatened by similar assaults. The widespread displacement of minority tribal people has stemmed from people fleeing violence such as this.“Pray for the over one hundred thousand displaced people in Kachin State, that they could be free from fear and free to return home.”

Last year a resurgence of a cholera outbreak spread throughout remote villages and into more developed regions of Burma. Five emergency response teams went to the places that had the largest outbreaks to try and tackle the issue. Disease is a huge problem in Burma, as the public is largely uneducated on diseases and disease prevention, and people die from easily curable illnesses. New medics are being trained at the Jungle School of Medicine-Kawtholei, and programs have been launched to educate people on how to prevent particular diseases. “Pray for new medics, that they would be inspired with a clear and powerful vision of their vocation, and the opportunity to live it.”