Kidane Weldou

Name: Kidane Weldou

Country/Area of Origin: Eritrea

Background: Weldou is a senior pastor of the Full Gospel Church in Asmara, Eritrea, where he was a member for years prior to his time as a pastor. Prior to his arrest, Weldou was also a member of the executive committee of Gideons International and was a biology teacher.

Reason for Arrest:

On 18 March 2005, Weldou’s vehicle was found abandoned in Asmara; it was assumed that he had been detained by Eritrean security authorities. His family, including a wife and three daughters, was not provided any information about his whereabouts or alleged charges.

Reports by Release Eritrea have revealed that Pastor Weldou was stopped by police and taken into custody on March 18th in 2005, and that he was being held in Wengel Mermera Central Criminal Investigation Interrogation Centre. Weldou has no formal charges against him.

Latest Updates:

  • As of October 2021, Weldou remains in prison and has visited an eye clinic due to damage to his eyes from diabetes.