Lord Alton Urges UK to Act on Escalating Fulani Violence in Nigeria

Yesterday, Lord David Alton brought forth the topic of Fulani violence in Nigeria to debate in the UK House of Lords. In his address, he discussed recent attacks, the weapons and tactics wielded by the Fulani militants, and highlighted the asymmetry in the attacks of Fulani militants on Christian farming communities. According to Lord Alton, this escalating violence can no longer be accurately referred to as “farmer-herder” conflict.

“Given the escalation, frequency, organisation and asymmetry of Fulani attacks, does the Minister believe that the references to ‘farmer-herder clashes’ still suffice? In the face of the reports of violence collected by impartial human rights groups, there is no place here for, as it were, moral equivalence; nor is it sufficient for the Government merely to urge all sides to seek dialogue and avoid violence,” remarked Lord Alton.

Lord Alton implored the UK government to acknowledge the escalating Fulani violence in Nigeria and to develop effective solutions that will bring an end to the violence as well as protect vulnerable communities.

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