Mohammad Ali Mosayeb-zadeh

Name: Mohammad Ali (Yasser) Mosayebzadeh

Country/Area of Origin: Iran

Background: Mosayebzadeh was one of the Iranian Christians arrested alongside Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, Mohammad Reza Omidi, and Saheb Fadaee.

Reason for Arrest:

Mosayebzadeh was arrested on 13 May 2016 along with the three other Iranian Christians and was released on bail two weeks later alongside Mohammad Reza Omidi and Saheb Fadaee. The four men were charged in July 2017 for “acting against national security”, “propagating house churches”, and “promoting Zionist Christianity” and were each sentenced to ten years in prison.

Latest Updates:

  • Unlike the other three Iranian Christian men he was arrested with who each received commuted sentences in June 2020 (Nadarkhani’s and Fadaee’s sentences were reduced to six years; Mohammad Reza Omidi’s sentence was reduced to two years, and he has since been released), Mosayebzadeh did not receive a commuted sentence.