Throwing the Christians to the lions: framing the victims in Nigeria

I got an e-mail from a journalist I know in Kaduna where 3 churches were bombed last Sunday. From reading it, you will understand the significance of the internal cover up and the obvious ruse of framing an non-Muslim named “Victor” (a Christian name) as a suspect in the case if you are familiar with Nigeria.
If you are not let me say that the “balancing” referred to by the police chief is similar to America’s “affirmative action” policy. He essentially said that because he had given the name of a Christian as a suspect in the bombings, as a magnanimous gesture, he would balance it out by giving the name of one Muslim!

“Dear all,
There was curious drama yesterday when Kaduna State Police Commissioner, Mohammed Abubakar Jinjiri called us for a Press conference to address us on the raging situation in Kaduna state, after last Sunday’s bombings and the reprisals that ensued..
He first displayed what he said were high calibre IEDs at the KDS Police HQ, and some arms, he took us up to his office to read from a prepared text.
After saying that the suspected manufacturer of the IEDs had escaped, and that he was a well known mechanic in Kaduna, he refused to say what the name of the bomb maker was, or what part of Kaduna he lived.
He then went on to say that nine suspects were arrested, and he quickly said that among them was one Victor Ihenecho, a dealer in gas cylinders.
He proceeded and read to the end of the statement without mentioning more names.
When he was done, I asked him why he chose to mention only Victor Ehenecho, among the nine suspects. I told him that if he did not divulge the names of the remaining suspects, he would stir a serious controversy in the country as many of our readers would read all kinds of meanings into it.
Without thinking twice, he said he would get us the names of the rest, and quickly cried, “ PRO, please get me the AC Investigation. Tell him to give the press the rest names”.
After he finished fielding questions from other reporters, the Press Conference was over without the names of the other suspects made available to us. As the rest made to leave in a hurry in view of the curfew, I called on three of our people to stay back with me so we get the names.
To make a long story short, after waiting, and being tossed around for about an hour outside the office of the CP we got nothing. But I persisted and we went back to inform him that he had deliberately refused to mentioned the rest.
“Well”, my friend, he said, “grinning from behind his large desk, “we had a small meeting over that your request now, and we decided to ‘balance’ the names”, he said, some other police officers, about four of them, sitting lamely.
“We have given you Victor from one side”, he said, “the other name is Mechanical Engineer Daudu from the other side”, he said.
“What about the rest?”
“Look, that is what we agreed on”
“Ok, what is the second name of Daudu?”
“That is all we know about him. Now leave my office!”
I took that as an Order, and I nodded to the rest and we thanked him and left.
After considering his evil, wily antics, we all decided to drop that aspect from our news, all of us in the major Papers.
That is why in today’s papers, you did not read: “Christian Bomb maker nabbed in Kaduna”, or “Victor Ihenecho, mastermind of Zaria/Kaduna Church bombings in Police net” etc.
Even the Daily Trust did not see these headlines attractive in the glaring view of the mischief ritght in our faces.
Just to let members know that their conspiracy to twist the story against us is real!”

Did you find it curious that a polcie chief who says a top terror mastermind is wanted refused to mention his name to the media so the public could assist in tracking him down?
It is helpful to know that this same police chief speaking about the murder of Christians in a church in Kaduna earlier this year said the police did not arrest any suspects but the killings were “reprisals” for Christians killing Muslims. Well how exactly did he come to that conclusion? In Nigeria, as in the US Dept of State, facts are built without a foundation of evidence. And like the police chief of Kaduna they both have a premeditated perception and pre-conceived agenda.