Response To The Escape Of Christmas Day Bomber

The recent escape under suspicious circumstances of Kabiru Sokoto has exacerbated the tension between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria. Sokoto was accused of planning the bombing of St. Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla, which claimed 38 lives. The unclear nature of the escape has prompted claims of complicity from both Muslim leadership and the police from certain quarters. While resisting the urge to lay allegations for which they do not possess evidence, our friends at the Christian Lawyers Association of Nigeria are calling for a decisive and transparent response to this utter failure by the Government of Nigeria.

The Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria (CLASFON) hereby condemns in strongest terms the Nigerian Police Force for negligence and deliberately allowing the suspect in the person of one Kabir Sokoto arrested in connection with the Christmas day (25th December 2011) bombing of St.Theresa’s Catholic Church Madalla, Niger State, that led to the gruesome termination of 45 lives of innocent Nigerians and about 60 persons still recuperating in various hospitals both within and outside Nigeria.
CLASFON hereby unconditionally demand the following:-

1. That the Federal Government of Nigeria should with immediate effect suspend the Commissioner of Police concerned in the person of Mr. Zakari Biu and the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Hafiz Ringim for toying with the sensibilities of Nigerians and treating with impunity the time bomb that the Nation is sitting on which is systematically exploding as a consequence of the unseriousness to date in the handling of the Boko Haram menace.

2. Commencement of the criminal prosecution of Mr. Zakari Biu and everyone in the investigating team for criminal negligence of duty in allowing, aiding and abetting the escape of the suspect (Kabiru Sokoto) from lawful custody under S.128 of the Penal Code Law.

3. The Federal Government should within 7 days from the date of this publication deploy every resource at its disposal to re -arrest and arraign the suspect immediately and if the suspect is found to be outside the shores of Nigeria, engage the Interpol to apprehend and arraign him before the International Criminal Court.

4. CLASFON further reiterates the demand of other Nigerians that it is high time that a comprehensive overhauling/restructuring of the entire security apparatus of Nigeria be carried out without further delay, THIS HOUSE MUST NOT FALL IN OUR GENERATION!

5. Finally, that should the above demands not be met, CLASFON as one of the major stake holders and pain bearers of the consistent, intentional and deliberate attacks on the body of Christ in Nigeria would be forced to seek redress/compliance of the said demands in the appropriate forum, both within and outside the Country.