Trump Extends Sudan Sanctions Review

President Trump issued an executive order to extend the sanctions review period on Sudan for 3 months. The State Department released the following in a press statement:

“The President’s E.O. extends the review period for an additional three months and provides for the revocation of those sanctions if the Government of Sudan (GOS) sustains the positive actions that gave rise to E.O. 13761, including maintaining a cessation of hostilities in conflict areas in Sudan; improving humanitarian access throughout Sudan; and maintaining its cooperation with the United States on addressing regional conflicts and the threat of terrorism.”

The Sudanese government has made some improvements, however, inexcusable human rights violations persist. For example the Sudanese government continues to deny aid distribution to desperate citizens who live in war-torn, marginalized communities. Therefore, we are thankful for this extended period of time for Sudan to take the necessary steps to meet more acceptable human rights criteria.

Thank you to those who engaged the US government on this issue. Jubilee Campaign will continue to advocate for human rights in Sudan.