“Unacceptable” – Jubilee Campaign + 20 Organizations Submit Letter Criticizing the Designation of China to the HRC Consultative Group

Background: Following the designation of China to the HRC Consultative Group, Jubilee Campaign and 20 other organizations submitted the following letter to the President of the Human Rights Council. Jubilee Campaign sees the selection of China for a position in the UN Human Rights Council Consultative Group as unacceptable given China’s persistent violation of human rights and its failure to meet its international human rights obligations. With its nomination China will have a say in the selection of 17 independent experts on human rights in spite of China’s persistent reprisals against those who have interacted with these UN mechanisms.  In the letter we urge the President of the Human Rights Council to review with a critical eye, the recommendations made by the group, given China’s presence, and if necessary, not follow the order of priority proposed by the Consultative Group ((paragraph 22 (d) of the annex to Council resolution 16/21).