URGENT: Pray for the Release of Pastor Yang Hua

Recent information has revealed that a Chinese house pastor that has been detained since December has been enduring torture by the Chinese government.

Yang Hua was arrested on December 9, 2015 after trying to prevent authorities from stealing property Huoshi Church in Guiyang. Leading up to the arrest, the church, which Yang is a pastor of, received notices from the government stating that the church was being used for illegal gatherings and must be demolished. It had also issued a fine to the church that would increase over time if not paid. The church was given a date of November 21 to stop all its activities.

On November 29, authorities raided the church, took video footage, and warned that the church leaders would be forced to pay the$15,650 fine that had accumulated if the church’s activities did not stop. On December 9, Yang was arrested.

After his arrest, Yang was charged with attempting to obstruct justice and sentenced to five days in detention. However, five days later his family received a notice stating that Yang was charged with “gathering a crowd to disturb social order” and sentenced to five more days.

On December 20, Yang’s wife arrived to the detention center to pick up Yang. However, she witnessed him being put in a black hood and being transferred to an unlicensed car. She later learned that his charge had changed to “illegally holding state secrets.” He was moved to the Nanming District Detention Center.

Family and Yang’s attorney have had a difficult time visiting him, although a few visits have been permitted. Yang has reportedly shared that authorities have pressured him to confess to the crimes he has been charged with.

According to Yang, during an incident with the prosecutors, one of the prosecutors used very threatening language, stating: “You’d better confess. Your life is in my hands. I’m here to meet with you because I see you as an ally. If you refuse to cooperate, I’ll treat you as a spy, as someone on the opposing side. In that case, we won’t treat you this nicely. I can make you disappear from the face of the earth. I’m a powerful man. Not one of the policemen [at this detention center] would stand if I asked him to get on his knees. [If you refuse to cooperate,] not only you, but your wife and your children will face problems. I’m a torture expert. I know how to beat you up without leaving a mark on your body for people to see. Doctors won’t be able to diagnose you. Even you won’t know what you died of.”

Currently, Yang’s lawyers have sued the prosecutors, however there has not been any additional news regarding the lawsuit.

Please Jubilee Campaign in praying for Pastor Yang Hua:
-Please pray for the safety of Pastor Yang Hua, and for the Chinese authorities to release him immediately
-Pray for the safety of his wife and children, who the prosecutors have threatened, as well as others who are associated with Pastor Yang Hua and his church
-Pray for the Christians in China, who are regularly faced with persecution, that they would be encouraged by the Holy Spirit and spread the Gospel throughout China

To learn more about helping Yang, please visit: http://www.freeyanghua.org/.
China Aid has also started a petition for Yang’s release. Sign the Petition!