Women & children

Jubilee Campaign works to promote and protect vulnerable women and children from bodily harm and sexual exploitation, paying particular attention to the scourge of human trafficking or modern slavery which we oppose however we can, wherever we find it, in all of its forms. Jubilee Campaign has the Maluka Orphans/Caleb House Fund, through which we search for donors to sponsor individual children by providing food, clothing, and education. Also through generous donations, we established the Caleb House, named after Caleb Chandler, who tragically passed away in Fairfax, Virginia. The Caleb House program was designed to provide counselling and special care to the most traumatized of the orphaned children in a safe, loving environment based on the Gospel. We were also able to establish four homes near Mumbai, India to serve as homes for young women in danger of forced prostitution. Moreover, Jubilee Campaign works closely with Bombay Teen Challenge, whose mission is to “restore hope and dignity to the victims of sex trafficking by rehabilitating and empowering them with sustainable opportunities through education and vocational training.”

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