Partners & Friends


The Christian Coalition For Syria
Jubilee Campaign is a member of the new Christian Coalition For Syria (CCFS). The coalition will bring together global Christian entities to create a relevant support front for Christians in Syria. The Christian Coalition For Syria hopes to influence world powers and other governmental and inter-governmental organizations to ensure that Syrian Christians (Syriacs) have meaningful representation at the Geneva II talks and beyond. Joining the CCFS or supporting its goals is a tangible and concrete step Christian religious and advocacy organizations can take toward finding a solution for the Syrian crisis that enables Syriacs to remain in their ancestral lands, inhabited for thousands of years before the coming of Christ.

The North Korea Freedom Coalition
Jubilee Campaign serves as treasurer of advocacy programs for this 50+ member Coalition. Our staff has participated in international conferences, Washington DC-based rallies, and college campus educational seminars. Our partners attended the U.N. Human Rights Council meetings to advocate for human rights and religious liberty in North Korea and for protection of North Korean Refugees.

The Religious Liberty Partnership
Jubilee Campaign is a member of the Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP), a collaborative effort of Christian organizations from over 20 countries focused on religious liberty. The RLP seeks to more intentionally work together in addressing advocacy, assistance, and in raising awareness regarding religious liberty issues worldwide.

The Refugee Highway Partnship
Jubilee Campaign facilitates advocacy for the Refugee Highway Partnership which seeks to create a community that: facilitates more effective ministry, stimulates strategic initiatives, and envisions and equips the church so that refugee ministries are strengthened and more refugees are served.

Refugee Council USA
Jubilee Campaign is a member organization and pays dues to Refugee Counsel USA. We also pay for travel and related expenses to provide legal assistance for resettlement to refugees.

The India Coalition
Jubilee Campaign participates in the India Coalition of 20+ organizations focused on the protection of religious freedom and the protection of Christians against violence in India.

Partners in the Field

Jubilee Campaign UK

Jubilee Campaign Netherlands

Bombay Teen Challenge

The PREDA Foundation

Stephanos Foundation

Caleb House

Coptic Solidarity


Alliance Defense Fund

American Center For Law and Justice

Beckett Fund For Religious Liberty

Open Doors International

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Christian Concern


Women’s Rights Without Frontiers


Middle East Concern

Voice of the Martyrs, Canada

International Institute for Religious Freedom

World Evangelical Alliance