Meron Gebrese-lasie

Name: Meron Gebreselasie

Country/Area of Origin: Eritrea

Background: Prior to his arrest, Gebreselasie was the pastor of Massawa Rhema Evangelical Church and also worked as an anesthetist at Massawa Hospital in Eritrea.

Reason for Arrest:

On 3 June 2004, Pastor Gebreselasie was arrested immediately following a visit to his home by Pastor Tesfatsion Hagos of Asmara Rhema Evangelical Church. Pastor Gebreselasie was detained at a police checkpoint while he was driving to return some items to Pastor Hagos that he had left behind during the visit.

Pastor Gebreselasie was held for two months at Asamara’s police station before he was transferred to Wengel Mermera Central Criminal Investigation Interrogation Centre.

Latest Updates:

  • March 2020: Gebreselasie remains in prison and is in good health.