Preacher Kpuih Bo

Name: Preacher Kpuih Bo (M)

Country/Area of Origin: Vietnam (Ethnic Montagnard)

Background: Kpuih Bo is a Protestant preacher advocating for religious freedom for his fellow church members in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

Reason for Arrest:

Because his congregation prefers to be free of State control over their religious activities, the local government persecutes adherents of the unapproved Church. The police forces of Ia Hla Commune and Chu Puh District They had been assaulting him to prevent him from serving his congregation. He was arrested in 2010.

He was sentenced to 9 years in prison for unapproved religious activities but charged with “undermining solidarity policy” and spent 8 years in prison under terrible conditions, e.g., frequent torture and forced labor. He frequently coughed out blood. Released on 6/25/2018, he was very frail and suffered frequent bouts of paralysis that prevented him from walking.

Latest Updates:

  • His condition worsened after the prison released him and, after a few weeks at home, he spent 20 days in Gia Lai Province’s general hospital. He died on 17 December 2018. Chu Puh District and Ia Hlia Commune police officers came to the house and removed his personal credentials such as ID card, prison release certificate, police invitations to interrogations sessions, etc.