Stan Swamy

Name: Stan Swamy (formally: Stanislaus Lourduswamy) Country/Area of Origin: India Background: Father Stan Swamy was a renowned Jesuit priest and respected activist for human rights for marginalized the Adivsasi tribal community Reason for Arrest: On 8 October 2020, then 83-year-old Father Swamy was arrested and charged with being a member of a former organization that […]

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Behnam Mahjoubi

Name: Behnam Mahjoubi Country/Area of Origin: Iran Background: Mahjoubi is a member of the Sufi Gonabadi Dervish religious minority community in Iran Reason for Arrest: In April 2018, Mahjoubi was arrested for his participation in a protest that had taken place in February and was in condemnation of the Iranian government’s mistreatment of religious minorities.

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Patriarch Abune Antonios

Name: Abune Antonios Age: 92 Country/Area of Origin: Eritrea Background: Abune Antonios is the Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church, one of the only four religions legally recognized by the state (others include Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, and Sunni Islam). Patriarch Abune Antonios is a staunch advocate for religious freedom and separation of Church

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Preacher Kpuih Bo

Name: Preacher Kpuih Bo (M) Country/Area of Origin: Vietnam (Ethnic Montagnard) Background: Kpuih Bo is a Protestant preacher advocating for religious freedom for his fellow church members in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Reason for Arrest: Because his congregation prefers to be free of State control over their religious activities, the local government persecutes adherents of the

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